WCF Insurance has a large library of helpful safety resources. You can sort through WCF's safety resources by accident type, industry, and part of body below. If you need additional help establishing a written safety program, click here. Additional outside resources, can be found here.


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Safety Topic Guides
Safety Topic Guides
10 Reasons to Implement a Drug-Free Workplace Policy
Accident Analysis
Accident Investigation
Accident Reporting
Adverse Driving Conditions
Avoiding Struck-By and Hit-Against Injuries
Back Injury Prevention
Bay Washing Safety
Behavioral Safety
Bloodborne Pathogens
Body Mechanics for Healthcare Staff
Carbon Monoxide
Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
Confined Space Entry
Construction: Aerial Lift Safety
Construction: Carbon Monoxide
Construction: Concrete Safety
Construction: Drywall Safety
Construction: Excavations
Construction: Fire Protection and Prevention
Construction: Flagger Safety
Construction: Foot Safety
Construction: Hearing Protection
Construction: Housekeeping Safety
Construction: Jobsite Housekeeping
Construction: Power Tool Safety
Construction: Roofing Safety
COVID-19 Guidance
Crane Safety
Cutting Workers' Compensation Costs
Daily Hand Safety Messages
Daily Safety Messages
Distracted Driving
Drive Calm
Driver Fatigue
Driver Safety
Early Return-to-Work Programs
Earthquake Safety
Electrical Safety
Emergency Action Plan
Ergonomic Safety
Ergonomics in Workstation Design
Exercise for Health
Eye Safety
Fall Protection
Fire Extinguishers
Forklift Safety
Fraud Prevention
General Liability: Combustible Dust Identification and Risk Control
General Liability: Electric Space Heater Safety
General Liability: Electrical Safety
General Liability: Fire Extinguisher Safety
General Liability: Non-Owned Auto Exposure
General Liability: Parking Lot and Sidewalk Winter Weather Risks and Controls
Hand Injury Prevention
Hand Tool Safety
Hazard Communication
Healthcare Safety
Healthcare: Dementia and Alzheimer's Care
Healthcare: Lifting Safely
Hearing Conservation
Heat-Related Illness Prevention
Heavy Equipment Safety
Hidden Costs of Accidents
Home Workplace Safety
Injury Management
Job Hazard Analysis
Kitchen Safety
Large Passenger Van Safety
Loading Dock Safety
Lockout/Tagout Safety
Machine Guarding
Maintaining Mental Health
Managing Event Sponsorship Liability
Manufacturing: Conveyor Safety
Manufacturing: Eye Protection
Manufacturing: Foot Protection
Manufacturing: Hazard Identification
Manufacturing: Hierarchy of Controls
Manufacturing: Machine Safety
Manufacturing: Pallet Jack Safety
Manufacturing: Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls
Marijuana Use in the Workplace
Municipalities: Police and Fire Training Safety
Municipalities: Volunteer Safety
Municipalities: Young Worker Safety
Occupational Health
Office Safety
Personal Protective Equipment
Portable Ladder Safety
Portable Power Tool Safety
Property: Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
Property: Commercial Cooking Hoods - Fire Suppression Systems
Property: Controlling Roof Snow-Load Damage Safety
Property: Fire Detectors
Property: Hot Work Property Risk Control
Property: Housekeeping
Property: Lightning Protection
Property: Power Strip Safety
Property: Premises Liability
Property: Preventing and Minimizing Wind Damage to Property
Property: Preventing Winter Storm Damage
Property: Using and Storing Flammable Liquids
Property: Water Damage Prevention
Property: Water Heater Safety Tips
Protecting New Employees from Injury
Reinforcing Safe Behaviors
Repetitive Trauma Disorders
Restaurant Heat Safety Program
Retail Safety
Road Rage
Roof Trusses
Safety Committee
Safety Incentives
Safety Program Hierarchy
Safety Program Implementation
Safety Rules and Policies
Scaffold Safety
Schools: Fleet Safety
Schools: Food Service Safety
Schools: Violent Acts in School
Seatbelt Policies
Seatbelts and Pickup Trucks
Self-Inspection Program
Servicing Tires Safely
Silica Safety
Ski Resorts: Motorized Vehicle Safety
Ski Resorts: Summer Operation Safety
Ski Resorts: Winter Safety
Slip and Fall Prevention
Speeding: Motor Vehicle Injuries and Fatalities
Steel Erection Safety
Summer Safety
Techniques to Diffuse Violence in the Workplace
Telecommuting Safety
Vehicle Inspection Guide
Vehicle Restraint Systems
Warehouse Safety
Welding Safety
Winter Driving Safety Tips
Winter Safety
Worker Fatigue
Workplace Violence
Youth Worker Safety and Labor Laws
Safety Checklists
Safety Checklists
Abrasive Wheels Safety Checklist
Agriculture Equipment Operators Safety Checklist
Agriculture Field Work Safety Checklist
All Departments Safety Checklist
Auto Repair Shop Safety Checklist
Construction - Carpenters Safety Checklist
Construction - Excavators Safety Checklist
Construction - Glaziers and Painters Safety Checklist
Construction - Jobsite Safety Checklist
Crane Safety Checklist
Dura Stilts Safety Checklist
Electrical Safety Checklist
Entering Confined Spaces Safety Checklist
Ergonomic Safety Checklist
Farm Safety Checklist
Garage and Shop Safety Checklist
General Hazard Assessment Safety Checklist
General Industry Safety Checklist
Hazard Assessment Construction Safety Checklist
Hazard Assessment General Industry Safety Checklist
Home Healthcare - Fall Prevention
Hotel and Conference Center Safety Checklist
Observation Safety Checklist
Office Ergonomics Safety Checklist
Restaurant Safety Checklist
Safe Driving Safety Checklist
Supervisor's Weekly Safety Checklist
Tires and Wheels Safety Checklist
Trench Excavation Safety Checklist
Truck Drivers Safety Checklist
Work Area Safety Checklist
Safety Posters
Safety Posters
Accident Procedure
After an Injury
ATV and UTV Safety Poster
Back Injury - Lifting
Back Injury - Moving
Back Injury - Prevention
Back Injury - Ruin Your Day
Back Safety - Don't Twist
Back Safety - Heavy Lifting
Back Safety - Lifting
Back Safety - Proper Lifting
Back Safety - Test the Load
Back Safety - Watch your Back
Behavioral Safety
Burn Safety - Chemical Burn
Burn Safety - Degrees
Burn Safety - Power Lines
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Confined Space
Crane Safety
Distracted Driving (Utah Law)
Driver Safety and Fatigue
Driving Safely - Crash
Driving Safely - DUI
Driving Safely - Nap
Driving Safely - Road Rage
Driving Safely - Wake Up
Driving Safely - Winter
Electrical Safety
Ergonomics - Desk Set-Up
Ergonomics - Good vs. Bad Posture
Ergonomics - Working from Home
Ergonomics - Workstation
Exercise for Health
Eye on Safety
Eye Safety - Protection
Fall Alert
Fall Prevention
Fall Protection
Fallen Patient Help
Foot Protection
Footwear - Appropriate for Season
Footwear - Winter
Forklift Safety
Fraud - Get a New Outfit
Fraud - Liar Liar
Fraud - Ruin a Bad Guy's Day
Hand Safety - Glove It
Hand Safety - Holding Hands
Hand Safety - Injury Prevention
Hand Safety - Protect Most Valuable Tool
Hand Safety - Protection
Hand Safety - Work Gloves
Head, Fingers, Eyes, and Toes
Injured on the Job - Accident Procedure
Injuries Don't Affect Just You
Knife Safety
Ladder Safety - Angle
Ladder Safety - Q&A
Ladder Safety - Stats 1
Ladder Safety - Stats 2
Ladder Safety - Stay on your Feet
Ladder Safety - Step Ladders
Ladder Safety - Three Points of Contact
Ladder Safety - Zero Mistake
Lonely Handrail
Look Down, Step Down
Manufacturing - Personal Protective Equipment
Needle Safety - Be Prepared
Needle Safety - Dispose of Sharps
Needle Safety - Get To The Point
Office Safety - Filing Cabinet
Office Safety - Shred
Office Safety - Step Stool
Office Safety - Step Stool (Vertical)
Personal Protective Equipment
Prescription Safety
Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls
Safe Stretching
Scaffolding Fall Alert
Seatbelt Safety - Buckle Up
Seatbelt Safety - Don't Be a Statistic
Seatbelt Safety - General
Seatbelt Safety - Illustration
Seatbelt Safety - Kids
Seatbelt Safety - Reminder
Seatbelt Safety - Saves Lives
Seatbelt Safety - Sling
Shortcut - Don't Be Tempted
Shortcut - Don't Let Convenience Compromise Your Safety
SLICK Driving
Slips, Trips, and Falls - Prevention
Slips, Trips, and Falls - Stay on your Feet
Stability on Snow and Ice
Staircase Safety
Staying More Active
Summer Safety - Break
Summer Safety - Heat Stroke
Summer Safety - Hydration
Summer Safety - Pedestrians and Bikers
Summer Safety - Thirst
Texting and Walking
Trucking - Catwalk Safety
Trucking - Safely Exiting the Truck
Trucking - Seatbelt Safety
Trucking - Slips and Falls
Trucking - Three Points of Contact
Trucking - Watch Your Step
Utility Knife Safety
Walk Safe
Wheels on Your Feet
Winter Safety - Holiday Choices
Winter Safety - Stay Upright
Winter Safety - Weather Outside is Frightful
Work Can Be a Dangerous Place - Hotel
Work Can Be a Dangerous Place - Kitchen
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Program
Burns and Scalds Program
Confined Spaces Program
Confined Spaces Program - Construction
Crane Hoist Safety Program
Deep Fat Fryers Program
Driver Fatigue Prevention Program
Ergonomics Program
Excavation and Trenching Program
Fall Protection Program
First Aid Program
Forklift and Power Industrial Truck Program
Freezer Safety Program
Hand and Portable Tool Program
Hazard Communication Safety Program
Hazardous Chemicals Program
Hearing Conservation Program
Heat and Cold Stress Prevention Program
Heat Safety Program
Hot Work Welding Safety Program
Kitchen Equipment Program
Knife Safety and Cut Prevention Program
Ladder Safety Program
Lockout Tagout Program
Machine Guarding Program
Motor Vehicle Safety Program
Personal Protective Equipment Program
Policy Statement
Respiratory Protection Program
Slips, Trips, and Falls Program
Tractor Safety Program
Welding Safety Program
General Liability: Foodborne Diseases
General Liability: Slip and Fall Prevention - Retail
General Liability: Theft Prevention
Impaired Driving
Manufacturing: Crane Safety
Preventing Accidents While Backing Up