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Theft Prevention

Facility Location/Property

  • Light all entrances and maintain good exterior lighting.
  • Implement and use security camera systems inside and outside your operations. Make sure they are visible.
  • Use alarm systems.
  • Keep windows clear from large stickers, posters, signs, advertisements, etc. as they may block your view of people entering and exiting your facility.
  • Use security professionals or officers to maintain front desk security and to patrol the property.
  • Utilize barriers to create separation (ex: reception area with a shatterproof glass).
  • Control and limit visitor access to areas within your facility.
    • Do not open doors to strangers before or after regular business hours.
  • Lock rear and side doors during evening hours.
    • With what is typically a smaller staff on hand, limit the entrance and exit to what can easily be managed by employees.
  • Do not allow people to linger or loiter on your premises.

Cash Handling

  • Keep minimum cash on hand.
  • Use a safe.
  • Take precautions when making bank deposits.
  • Always keep money out of customer reach.
  • Mark the edge of the doorway to measure height when suspects exit your facility after committing theft.
  • Contract armored transportation to handle money runs.

In the Event of Theft

  • Remain calm and be observant.
  • Give the robber the money/bait money.
  • Save the robbery note.
  • Follow the robber’s commands; do not volunteer to help.
  • Do not resist.
  • Always believe the claim that they have a firearm or weapon.
  • Do not chase the robber.
    • Write down details you remember.
  • Designate responsibilities for after a suspect has fled.
    • Lock doors.
    • Call police or local authorities.
    • Care for any injured people.
    • Protect any evidence.
  • Preserve the scene until law enforcement arrives.

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