Injuries in the workplace that involve being struck by or hit against objects and vehicles are common and can be fatal. Many of these types of injuries occur from tools falling from equipment while performing maintenance, items falling onto an employee, not using proper personal protective equipment (PPE) while grinding, or being hit by equipment in the workplace.
To avoid struck-by injuries, one should:
  • Wear hard hats to avoid falling objects.
  • Stack materials properly to prevent sliding, falling, or collapse.
  • Always wear proper PPE (hard hats, safety glasses, goggles, and face shields).
  • Secure tools and materials so they will not fall on people below.
  • Do not work under cranes, hoists, or heavy machinery while in operation.
  • Inspect crane and hoist wire rope, lifting hooks, chains, etc. to ensure they are in proper working order.
  • Inspect tools to ensure proper guards are in place.
  • Never clean clothing with compressed air.
To avoid hit-against injuries, one should:
  • Verify where an employee is standing outside of a vehicle.
  • Maintain visual contact with a helper.
  • Always wear seatbelts inside equipment.
  • Have employees on jobsites and work yards wear high-visibility vests or shirts.
  • Keep vehicles well maintained.
  • Do not exceed a vehicle's rated load or lift capacity.
  • Do not carry passengers unless there is a designated passenger seat.
Review your potential for these types of injuries and work to prevent them. Have standard operating procedures for employees to follow to keep a clean and safe workplace.  
NOTICE: This guide may make reference to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations; however the guide is not legal advice as to compliance with OSHA or other safety laws, codes, or regulations. Compliance with OSHA and other safety laws codes or regulations, and maintaining a safe work environment for your employees remains your responsibility. WCF Insurance does not undertake to perform the duty of any person to provide for the health or safety of your employees. WCF Insurance does not warrant that your workplace is safe or healthful, or that it complies with any laws, regulations, codes, or standards.