The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stipulates that every person in a workplace takes responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy working atmosphere. This should be emphasized in the written company safety and health policy. A natural outgrowth of safety/health commitment will be a concerted effort by all to identify unsafe practices, acts, and conditions and minimize them.

An evaluation of the workplace to ensure compliance to best practices, legislation, regulations, and standards is the next step. Linked below, you will find a checklist. It is designed to aid you in the task of identifying possible problem areas in your loading dock safety and health program. This checklist is not all-inclusive, but it does give you a reference point from which to start.

It may be necessary to evaluate other aspects and procedures in addition to those outlined, depending on your operation. Other issues to consider may be space, storage of materials, ergonomics, equipment, tools, temperature, shift work, etc.

The workers on the dock are a source of valuable information. Their genuine concern and expertise are the keys to a successful safety and health program. Workers will be able to identify risks relating to work conditions and procedures. Workers should participate in the development of solutions that could reduce the risks of injury or illness. Ultimately, this process leads to a safer and healthier workplace for both the employer and the workers. 


Download a loading dock safety checklist here. (All questions should be answered YES. Any question resulting in a NO response indicates an issue.)

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NOTICE: This guide may make reference to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations; however the guide is not legal advice as to compliance with OSHA or other safety laws, codes, or regulations. Compliance with OSHA and other safety laws codes or regulations, and maintaining a safe work environment for your employees remains your responsibility. WCF Insurance does not undertake to perform the duty of any person to provide for the health or safety of your employees. WCF Insurance does not warrant that your workplace is safe or healthful, or that it complies with any laws, regulations, codes, or standards.