Bill Status Updates

Before calling, please allow at least 30 days from date of service for bills to be processed. When you do call, please contact the Provider Reimbursement Group (PRG) at (385) 351-8300.

Find a Claim Number

To search for a workers' compensation claim number, use our claim number search tool.

Original Bills

Original provider bills can be faxed directly to the WCF Insurance Claims Scanning/Intake department at (385) 234-4352. When faxing bills, please include the claim number on the bill and include any bill notes. Bills can also be mailed directly to:
WCF Insurance
PO Box 2227
Sandy, UT 84091


Please fax reconsideration requests to PRG at (385) 351-8397. Please include a cover letter indicating the reason for reconsideration as well as the original bill with any supporting documentation or notes.