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Company Policy

[Company Name] has developed this hazard communication program to ensure information regarding hazards and protective measures associated with chemicals are available to all employees. This program oversees hazard identification, provides correct labels, and ensures employees are given access to the safety data sheets (SDS) and trained. A copy of this program will be made available to all workers. 


[Responsible person] will be responsible for seeing that all containers entering the workplace are properly labeled (including secondary containers) with a product identifier, pictogram, hazard statement, signal word, and precautionary statements, as well as the supplier's contact information (name and address).

Training will also be provided on the updated globally harmonized system pictograms and hazards associated:

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Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

[Responsible person] is responsible for establishing and monitoring the company SDS program. Copies of SDSs for all hazardous chemicals to which workers are exposed or are potentially exposed will be kept in [identify location]. Workers can access SDSs by [insert procedure for access]. SDSs will be available to all workers. If not available, contact [name of person].

Employee Information and Training

[Responsible person] is responsible for employee information and training. Before their initial work assignment, each new employee will attend a hazard communication training class. Prior to introducing a new chemical hazard into any work area, each worker in that area will be given information and training as outlined above for the new chemical hazard.

Hazard of Non-Routine Tasks

Periodically, workers are required to perform hazardous non-routine tasks. Prior to starting work on such projects, each affected worker will be given information by [responsible person] about the hazardous chemicals they may encounter during such activity. 

Information for Other Employers/Contractors

It is the responsibility of [responsible person] to provide other employers and contractors with information about hazardous chemicals that their workers may be exposed to on this worksite, and suggested precautions for workers. It is the responsibility of [responsible person] to obtain information about hazardous chemicals used by other employers to which our workers may be exposed. Other employers or contractors will be provided with SDSs for hazardous chemicals generated by this company’s operations. Other employers will also be informed of the hazard labels used by the company. 

List of Hazardous Chemicals

A list of all known hazardous chemicals in the workplace is attached to this program. Further information regarding any of these chemicals can be obtained by reviewing its respective SDS.

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