Additional protection for your business.

A commercial umbrella policy provides a layer of additional protection against bodily injury and/or property. It picks up where your business auto liability and general liability coverage end.

Without an umbrella policy, you are responsible for liability claims that cost more than your coverage limits. This can include legal costs, medical bill, and damage to other's property. If you think a potential claim may exceed your liability limits, contact your agent today to get a WCF commercial umbrella quote.

Common Questions

Who needs a commercial umbrella policy?

If you think a potential claim could exceed your liability limits, you should consider raising your limits or adding a commercial umbrella policy.

What is covered under a commercial umbrella policy?

A commercial umbrella policy increases the liability limit that your company already has in existing, or underlying, liability policies.

What is needed to get a commercial umbrella policy?

WCF umbrella coverage is available to WCF businessowners policies, commercial auto, and workers' compensation policyholders. Contact your agent today to learn more.


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