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It is [Company Name]'s policy to ensure that a first aid program is implemented when accidents occur that result in an injury. Prompt, knowledgeable treatment of wounds or other physical results of accidents will, in many cases, prevent minor injuries from becoming major ones, and sometimes save lives.

The following first aid rules are established:

  • First aid cabinets or kits should be maintained. First aid kits shall be carried in all company vehicles.
  • Supervisors or designees are to check first aid supplies on a periodic basis. Minimum amounts of each item must be maintained. Expiration dates will also be checked.
  • Cuts, scratches, etc., should be given prompt medical attention. Always be sure that open wounds are thoroughly cleansed with soap and water to prevent infection. Direct pressure is the best way to stop most bleeding injuries.
  • There may be serious cases in which an injured employee must be seen by paramedics. If there is any doubt in the supervisor's or lead's mind, it should be resolved by calling for paramedic service. As an example, the following conditions would indicate paramedic service:
    • An employee is unconscious or in shock
    • Any apparent open or angulated fracture
    • Any uncontrolled bleeding or large blood loss
    • Severe abdominal cramps and/or vomiting
    • Other symptoms of internal injury

To obtain paramedic service, radio the office or call 911.

  • All injuries, no matter how minor, are to be reported to [company representative's name]. Injury report forms are available in the supervisor’s office or the HR office and on the intranet page.