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To establish a means of positive control to prevent the accidental starting or activating of machinery or systems while they are being repaired, cleaned, and/or serviced. This policy will ensure machinery or equipment is stopped, isolated from all hazardous energy sources, and properly locked and/or tagged* out.

*OSHA requires that if tagging without use of locks is to be utilized, then additional safety measures must be taken to demonstrate that the tagout program will achieve a level of safety equivalent to using locks. The additional safety measures are described as: removal of an isolating circuit element, blocking of a controlling switch, removal of a valve handle, etc.


    • [NAME] is responsible to ensure compliance with the procedures in their department. This person will conduct a periodic inspection of the energy control procedure at least annually.
    • Authorized employees are responsible to follow established lockout/tagout energy control procedures.
    • Affected employees (all other employees in the facility) are responsible for insuring they do not attempt to restart or re-energize machines or equipment that are locked out or tagged out.

Energy Control Procedures

Employees must do the following before they begin service or maintenance work:

  • Inform all affected employees of equipment shutdown

Authorized employees

Affected employees

Method of notifying affected employees














  • Shut down equipment


Machine/equipment controls

Location of controls










  • Isolate or block hazardous energy


Type of energy-isolating device

Location/identify of energy-isolating device










  • Remove any potential (stored) energy
  • Lockout or tagout the energy sources
  • Verify the equipment is isolated from hazardous energy and de-energized


Method of verifying isolation of equipment







Release from Lockout/Tagout

The following will be used to remove lockout/tagout devices and re-energize equipment:

  • Remove tools and replace machine or equipment components
  • Inform coworkers about energy-control device removal
  • Ensure all workers are clear of the work area
  • Verify machine or equipment power controls are off or in a neutral position
  • Remove the lockout or tagout device of person that placed the device initially
  • Re-energize equipment

Procedure Involving More than One Person (Group Lockout/Tagout)

  • When more than one person performs servicing and/or maintenance, each authorized employee shall place his own lock or tag on the energy-isolating source.

Procedure for the Removal of an Authorized Employee's Lockout/Tagout by the Company

Each location must develop written procedures under the above heading that complies with OSHA standards that can be utilized at that location. Procedures should include:

  • Verification by employer that the authorized employee who applied the device is not in the facility.
  • Make reasonable efforts to advise the employee that his device has been removed. (This can be done when he returns to the facility).
  • Ensure that the authorized employee has this knowledge before he resumes work at the facility.

Procedures for Shift or Personnel Changes

Each facility must develop their own written procedures based on their need and capabilities. However, your procedure must specify how you will ensure the continuity of lockout or tagout protection during that time.

Training and Communication

Each authorized employee who will be utilizing the lockout/tagout procedure will be trained in the recognition of applicable hazardous energy sources and the methods and means necessary for energy isolation and control.

  • Each affected employee and all other non-authorized employees shall be instructed in the purpose and use of the lockout/tagout procedure and the prohibition relating to attempts to restart or re-energize machines or equipment, which are locked or tagged out.
  • Training will be certified using Certification of Authorized Personnel (LOTO forms) or Certification of Affected Personnel (see LOTO forms). The certification will be retained in the employee's personnel file.

Procedures for Periodic Inspection

  • A periodic inspection (at least annually) will be conducted of each authorized employee under the lockout/tagout procedure.
  • The inspection will include a review between the inspector and each authorized employee, of that employee's responsibilities under the energy control (lockout/tagout) procedure. 
  • The [RESPONSIBLE PERSON] shall certify in writing that the inspection has been performed.  The written certification shall be retained in the individual's personnel file. 

LOTO Forms

List of Authorized Personnel for Lockout/Tagout Procedures for [COMPANY NAME]


Job Title