April 4, 2022

Dear Policyholders,

We are happy to report that 2021 was a year of growth and progress for WCF Insurance.

In April 2021, we added a new line of insurance for our Utah policyholders as we rolled out our new businessowners policy. It was the first new product in a portfolio of new coverages that will become available over the next several years. In 2022, we will be deploying commercial auto and umbrella coverage to provide our policyholders with comprehensive commercial insurance.

We saw significant growth in Idaho and California, and we continued to hold 50% of the market share in Utah. In 2022, we will continue to grow as we expand from a geographic and product standpoint. While top-line growth is important, we are committed to not growing faster than our ability to provide the excellent service our policyholders and agents have come to expect from us. Our promise to strive for an excellent insurance experience will remain preeminent. We ended 2021 with just over $2.5 billion in assets and are in a financially sound and stable position. We are thrilled to be in a place of financial strength to pay a 2021 dividend equivalent to 8% of premium to our WCF Mutual policyholders. 

In 2021, we committed to further invest in our small business center to provide additional services and support to our policyholders. We recently welcomed a new senior vice president of small business, Janice Co, who has 30 years of insurance experience and an expertise in assisting small businesses.

We also strengthened our culture and worked diligently to remain an employer of choice. In 2021, Utah Business Magazine named WCF one of the Best Places to Work. We are dedicated to hiring and attracting the best people. 

In March 2022, Ray Pickup announced that he will retire as WCF Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Pickup has worked for WCF for nearly 30 years and has served as CEO for the last 14 years. WCF’s board of directors was pleased to appoint Matt Lyon as CEO effective April 22, 2022. Mr. Lyon joined WCF in 2017 and became president in January 2021. He will retain the title of president as he assumes the position of chief executive officer and joins the WCF Board of Directors. Mr. Pickup will continue to serve on the WCF Board of Directors.

We are excited about the future and have established strategic aspiration to become a super-regional carrier to meet all your commercial insurance needs. In 2021, we significantly expanded the number of survey and feedback tools we use so that we can hear and respond to the needs of our policyholders. We encourage you to let us know how we can improve. We hope you will also allow us to insure the other lines of insurance for your business.

Thank you for your business. We’ll continue to work hard to keep it. 

Be careful out there.

Matt Lyon                                  Dallas Bradford                     Ray Pickup
President and COO                  Board Chair                           Chief Executive Officer

2021 Highlights

WCF Insurance continued to maintain its Financial Strength “A” rating (Excellent), with a stable outlook from AM Best. Our financial strength means we have the resources to support our customers when they need us most. Click here to access our 2021 financials.


Financial Strength

At WCF Insurance, we believe in community. We focus on building relationships, volunteering, and financially supporting local organizations and individuals where we do business. In 2021, our employees volunteered 610 hours. Learn more about our community work here.


Community Support
Community Support

In 2021, we focused on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our workforce and in the communities where we live and work. Review our DEI donations and activities here.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

2021 Awards

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