Recorded WCF Safety Seminars

With online safety seminars, you have access to WCF Insurance's most popular safety seminars 24/7. Online seminars are developed and presented by WCF Insurance's board-certified safety and industrial hygiene professionals. These seminars offer information to assist policyholders with controlling workers' compensation costs, OSHA compliance, current best practices in safety and the latest innovations in the field of injury prevention. To access, click here.

WCF Safety Videos

WCF's safety team has produced a number of safety videos to train your employees. 

Fall Safety
Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Modification of Hazard Communication Standard
Lift Safe 
Safety Stories
Ski Safety
Stretching Exercises
Telecommuting Safety 
Walk Safe

Streaming Safety Videos

WCF policyholders can also access more than 600 safety and risk videos (365+ in Spanish) for free. All you need is a WCF policy number.
Click here to access WCF's video library.