PPO facilities have numerous advantages for injured employees and their employers.

  • Modified-duty release to work is given whenever possible.
  • Work environment and physical demands are considered.
  • Employer policies regarding modified duty and post-accident drug testing are taken into account.
  • Specialists have extensive knowledge of work-related conditions. They are familiar with regulatory requirements and workers' compensation rules and procedures. 

Preferred providers lower costs for both employers and employees.

  • A facility fee is not charged as with emergency room use.
  • Facilities are easily accessible with numerous locations and walk-in service.
  • PPO facilities agree to regulated rates and charges, which can result in saving 30 to 40%.

Preferred providers are quality driven.

  • Injured employee, employer, and insurance expectations are considered.
  • Functional and safe recovery is emphasized (return-to-work programs).
  • Cases and referrals are managed.

Preferred providers are consistent.

  • Injured employees receive similar treatment and work status for similar problems.
  • Treatment, policies, procedures, and billing are similar among different clinics.


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