Univantage Insurance Solutions has been renamed to WCF Solutions, Inc. WCF Solutions Inc is an insurance producer agency and wholly owned subsidiary of WCF Mutual Insurance Company. WCF Solutions produces and underwrites policies for WCF Mutual Insurance Company, its affiliate insurance companies, and other insurers.

Common Questions

How do I submit an EPLI claim?

Early intervention by legal professionals can greatly reduce the likelihood that a situation will become a formal complaint. If a situation does rise to the level of a lawsuit, we are here to respond quickly.

Please be aware that the claim reporting provision as listed in VIII conditions requires that you notify the carrier as soon as practicable, but in no event more than 30 days after you are aware that a claim has been made.  

If you have information of a situation that could be grounds for a complaint against your company, or if a formal complaint has been filed against you, call (860)674-3992 or email bpseplclaims@beazley.com to report the situation.
Information to include when reporting a claim:

  1. Name of the person reporting the claim
  2. Name of the insured company
  3. Policy number
  4. Way to reach the insured (telephone number or email address)
  5. Claimant's name
  6. Documentation relevant to the claim
  7. A brief message about the matter 

How do I contact the Best Practice Legal Helpline?

The Best Practice Helpline is a service that provides best practice consultation via the telephone or online conference on how to effectively manage employee relations and address day-to-day workplace incidents and concerns including:

  • Termination
  • Discipline
  • Hiring
  • Responding to incidents of wrongdoing
  • Threats of litigation
  • Crisis management
  • Lowering exposure and
  • Other events that can occur in the workplace.

Best practice advice focuses on:

  • Risk management
  • Loss prevention
  • Litigation avoidance

The Best Practice Helpline calls are scheduled during work hours from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. MT.
Most calls can be scheduled on the same business day or within 24 hours of the receipt of the request. There is no limit to the amount of times a user may request a call or the time a caller is allotted.
Helpline users must be able to provide proof of being an insured and must sign an acknowledgement form that states:

  • Legal advice is not provided
  • The service is not for making claims and
  • The service does not replace the advice of an attorney in their jurisdiction.

To schedule a call, please complete the Best Practice Helpline request form and fax back. For further assistance, please call (888)712-7668.

How do I access employment practices online education and training?

Univantage Helpforce provides a wealth of information on minimizing employment practices risk and improving your workplace. You will need to create a username and password to access the online resources. Use your Beazley Insurance policy number to register. 

How to Register 

First, decide who will manage the site for your organization. This person will register first and become the site administrator by following these steps:
1.    Go to https://univantage.employmentrisksolutions.com/
2.    Click "Register Here" above the login box
3.    Enter your password (your Beazley policy number)
4.    Complete registration

If you would like a walk-through of the site via phone, you can request a call during registration or by using the "Contact Us" link on the site.


How do I submit a data breach claim?

To submit a claim to Hiscox, contact Kari A Timm with Bates Carey LLP at CyberThreatProtect@batescarey.com or at the Hiscox Breach Hotline (877) 912-9470.