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PHOENIX, AZ – In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and community support, WCF Insurance is excited to announce its new initiative in partnership with local businesses, aimed at promoting a safe and festive holiday week for all. With a lasting commitment to the community it serves, WCF is dedicated to enhancing the safety and well-being of its valued clients and community members. In support of its customers and community, WCF is excited to drive home their commitment by providing discounted Uber rides to patrons and visitors of select bars and restaurants throughout the Phoenix area, helping them get home safely.

WCF’s dedication extends beyond insurance. By helping community members get home safely this St. Patrick’s Day, WCF is demonstrating their commitment to the well-being of all those who call this community home. With the sobering statistics indicating a rise in alcohol-related accidents during holiday weekends, WCF is increasing their commitment to ensuring community members are safe on the roads this year. According to H. Snader and holiday drunk driving statistics (2023), about 40% of car accident fatalities on St. Patrick’s Day involves impaired driving.

WCF is here to support the businesses we insure and the patrons of those establishments. “We have been serving businesses for 105 years, and our commitment to community safety has never been stronger. We’re proud to sponsor Uber vouchers to ensure that our community members get home safely. Our dedication to supporting our valued policyholders and the patrons of their establishments reflects our shared commitment to the well-being of our community.”, states CEO and President of WCF Insurance, Matt Lyon.

This initiative aims to make a significant impact on road safety during the time when it’s needed most. Don’t rely on luck alone—count on WCF’s commitment to your safety!


With over 100 years of service, WCF Insurance is an innovative commercial insurance provider that serves the Western United States. Their daily commitment revolves around supporting the individuals who drive community growth, including businesses they insure, valued agency partners, dedicated employees, and the non-profit organizations they champion. WCF Insurance’s unwavering mission is to provide an excellent insurance experience, while fostering positive change through ongoing commitment to the communities they serve. To learn more visit

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*WCF Insurance is not affiliated with Uber Technologies, Inc.



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