As your business partner, WCF Insurance helps you find solutions to help protect your employees and assists you in operating your business efficiently. WCF Insurance offers several safety and health resources for you and your employees. We offer these services through a variety of learning activities and on-site safety and risk support.

On-site Safety and Risk Consultation Services
Accidents at work have a significant impact on your workers' compensation rates and have many hidden costs associated with your business operations. The WCF Insurance Safety and Risk department can assist you in developing an effective safety and health program for your organization. The Safety and Risk department can help you:

  • Implement and monitor an effective safety and risk program
  • Evaluate your existing safety and risk program and make improvements, conduct safety surveys, and train supervisors and employees to recognize and eliminate safety hazards
  • Evaluate exposures to chemicals, noise, heat, or other hazards associated with industrial processes
  • Assess ergonomic hazards associated with manufacturing, computer use, shipping and receiving, manual material handling, and other jobs with potential for repetitive stress injuries

Safety and Risk Training Services
We also offer more than 100 customer training seminars each year at different locations. These seminars offer information to assist policyholders with controlling workers' compensation costs, OSHA compliance, current best practices in safety, and the latest innovations in injury prevention. Seminars are developed and presented by, or under the direction of, board-certified safety and industrial hygiene professionals. Selected seminars are also offered online. Click here to view our safety seminars catalog.

We can conduct on-site training to qualified policyholders. Training is customized to your business needs. Topics may include anything from basic hand safety to more specialized subjects, such as how to audit your company's safety management systems using the latest ANSI Z10 standard.

Safety and Risk Toolkits
Our safety toolkits contain resources, sample programs, and electronic media designed to help you implement effective safety programs and cultivate a healthy company safety culture. With the assistance of a WCF Insurance safety and health consultant, you can easily implement injury prevention initiatives in a step-by-step process.

Balanced Scorecard
What gets measured gets done. This toolkit helps you track the progress of safety goals and activities that reflect not only where your company has been, but where it wants to go. Set goals for safety that tie into production goals and measure the progress for awarding safety incentives. Contact WCF Insurance Safety to review how to use the scorecard to take your safety efforts to the next level.

Managing Risk
This toolkit includes simple instructions and forms for completing various types of workplace risk assessments - from routine daily task plans to job hazard analysis and more formal risk assessments. Employees can quickly assess the risk of a task using the daily task plan or risk assessment. We also included tools for group risk assessments in the toolkit. Risks can be addressed prior to starting work to reduce the potential for an injury. 

LIFT SAFE for the Healthcare Industry
Injuries from lifting are some of the most common and costly injuries for the healthcare industry. This toolkit goes through the elements of an effective back and lifting injury prevention program for healthcare employees. We have posters available to encourage employees to think LIFT SAFE prior to lifting a client and to demonstrate stretching exercises to encourage employee wellness. Algorithms for various types of lifting tasks and a DVD with video clips showing safe lifting procedures are also included in this resource-rich toolkit.

Managing an Effective Safety Committee
Want to establish a workplace Safety Committee or make your current committee more effective? This toolkit provides helpful tips in selecting committee members and managing an effective committee. It includes a sample Safety Committee program outline, bylaws, and PowerPoint training modules to assist you in training a Safety Committee in member roles and responsibilities. Implementing these suggestions will allow you to have better participation. 

Motor Vehicle Safety System Cost and Control Guidebook
A company with a fleet exposure that has effectively expanded their safety system to manage their fleet will have fewer crashes. This translates into lower net insurance costs through lower direct claims costs. This toolkit will walk you through how to improve your overall fleet safety program.

Special Safety Services
The WCF Insurance Safety department offers several specialized services to help you take your safety program to the next level. 

Safety Culture Assessment
We can help you measure what your employees and supervisors think of your safety program. We'll conduct a confidential survey with employees and supervisors and will give results to your management team. Based on the results, you can make changes to your safety program to ensure all employees on the same page.

ANSI Z-10 Audit
Is your safety and health program world class? We can assist you with an audit of your safety program. We will compare your program to the American National Standards Institute Z-10 Standard for Occupational Safety & Health Management systems and offer recommendations.

Noise Exposure
We can help you determine if noise levels in your workplace are within OSHA permissible limits. Noise monitoring services are available to you as a WCF Insurance customer at no extra charge.

Combustible Dust  
OSHA’s Special Emphasis Program for Combustible Dust went into effect in 2008 due to several catastrophic dust explosions throughout the U.S. If you'd like to know if combustible dust is a concern in your workplace, please contact the WCF Insurance Safety department. We can evaluate your workplace for combustible dust hazards. 

For more information on WCF Insurance safety services, contact the WCF Insurance Safety department at (385) 351-8103 or (800) 446-2667, ext. 8103.