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With more than 100 years of experience, WCF knows insurance. Our Roseville, California, office is staffed with local insurance experts who share our commitment to excellent service. We serve the Golden State with a high-touch, high-service claims team that exceeds expectations thanks to our commitment to lower caseloads. To learn more about coverage for California businesses, or to get a policy quote, contact us or your agent. Our coverage includes:

If you have a workplace accident, our partnership with local California hospitals and clinics gives your employees access to some of the region’s finest medical care. Our providers offer our injured employees high-quality care close to home.




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 WCF’s Special Investigations Unit works diligently to discover fraud. That’s money from the pockets of honest employers and employees.





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Injured employees can be returned to productive work in a timely manner, which is cost-effective for employers and boosts employee morale. Our certified counselors work with both sides of the equation - injured workers as well as physicians – providing assistance when necessary so that everyone gets back on track quickly without any problems or further complications from injury. 


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Coordinating medical care is critical to control costs while providing quality care. Our nurse case managers evaluate each injured employee’s circumstances and coordinate care to help in their recovery.



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Our California safety and risk team offers a variety of loss-prevention services, including safety and health audits, program assistance with general safety, substance abuse prevention, safe driving practices, and OSHA-required programs.


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We look at every submitted bill along with any doctor notes to ensure payments are made correctly. We also provide training within the medical community on workers’ compensation billing procedures.


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California Coverage Questions

Do you have a California office?

Yes! WCF Insurance's California office is located in Roseville and employs Californians with decades of local experience. Our California office is staffed with underwriting, claims, safety, and sales professionals while utilizing the expertise of others in the home office when needed.

Roseville Office:

2998 Douglas Blvd, Ste 230
Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 888-1700
(888) 815-1114 (toll free)


What medical network does WCF Insurance use in California?

We have a boutique medical provider network (MPN) that sets us apart from other carriers and third-party administrators in California. Our MPN allows us the flexibility to opt doctors in/out of the MPN quickly. Insureds enjoy keeping doctors they know who provide quality care to injured workers. This helps resolve claims efficiently and return workers back to the jobs they love.

What makes WCF Insurance different than other California workers’ compensation coverage providers?

  • Our mission is to provide an excellent insurance experience.
  • We have a high-touch, high-service claims team.
  • We keep caseloads lower than the industry standard.
  • Our adjusters manage 30 to 40 fewer claims per caseload than our competitors, which allows more time for an adjuster to keep contact with the insured and the injured worker. It also allows more time for an adjuster to work on current issues, get employees back to work, focus on reducing exposures, and get claims closed to save time and money. Lower caseloads also help reduce turnover and allow us to maintain a strong team.

Will my claims be handled in California?

Yes! Below is a little about our California claims team.

  • Our claims teams are built with senior-level adjusters.
  • Each team is assigned an experienced medical-only adjuster, along with support staff.
  • Our claim director and manager have a combined 37 years of California workers’ compensation experience.  
  • Our claims director has over 17 years of industry experience with both third-party administrators and insurance carriers.  
  • We have bilingual Spanish adjusters and support staff in our Roseville office.

Does WCF provide on-site safety services?

We do. WCF has safety and risk professionals in California that can assist you in developing an effective safety and health program for your organization. Our safety team can help you:

  • Implement and monitor an effective safety program.
  • Evaluate your existing safety program and make improvements, conduct safety surveys, and train supervisors and employees to recognize and eliminate safety hazards.
  • Evaluate exposures to chemicals, noise, heat, or other hazards associated with industrial processes.
  • Assess ergonomic hazards associated with manufacturing, computer use, shipping and receiving, manual material handling, and other jobs with potential for repetitive stress injuries.
  • Access a variety of safety materials that can also be found in our safety resource library.
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