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Association Discounts

WCF Insurance offers association discounts in Utah and is working to expand discounts into other states. Email Peggy Larsen for more information on association discounts in other states.
The associations listed below have endorsed WCF Insurance as the carrier for their members' workers' compensation insurance coverage. By combining benefits designed to meet association member needs with traditional services, the program offers the most comprehensive worker's compensation package available. Eligible and enrolled members of the associations listed below qualify for a 5% discount on workers' compensation premium. Contact your agent or call WCF at (800) 446-2667.
Association members have account service teams that work to develop and implement a tailored service place that meets your needs.
Participating members are required to comply with program provisions, including attendance at two industry-specific safety classes or seminars annually. To help meet this requirement, the WCF safety department offers free seminars exclusively for association members in addition to classes already offered throughout the year.
Claims can be filed online, by phone, or by fax. Association members can also use WCF's secure website to view filed claims, print loss runs, complete OSHA forms, and access other policy-specific information.
This workers' compensation program is offered to all Utah members of the associations below that qualify. Members already insured with WCF are eligible for association savings on their workers' compensation premiums upon renewal.
To receive an association discount, you must comply with the following criteria:
  1. Maintain or obtain an active membership with one of the participating associations below.
  2. Complete an association participation agreement prior to renewing a WCF policy.
  3. Fulfill the requirements listed on the participation agreement during the policy period.


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