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WCF Insurance Announces 6% Dividend

Dividend to be Distributed to More than 19,000 Utah Businesses

Salt Lake City, Utah 
May 6, 2015    

WCF Insurance has declared a $12 million dividend that will be distributed to a majority of policyholders this May. Policyholders can expect to receive a dividend equal to 6 percent of their 2014 premium.

“Policyholders are receiving a dividend because we had better than expected investment and underwriting results in 2014,” said WCF Insurance CEO and President, Ray Pickup.  “Severe injuries declined, the overall number of claims decreased, and the amount of payroll insured by WCF Insurance increased because of Utah’s robust economy. And when we as a company do well, we share the results with our policyholders.”

With this distribution, WCF Insurance will have returned more than $382 million in dividends to its policyholders since 1992—giving back 36% of operating income (almost 9% of net earned premiums) to its policyholders. 

“No other carrier in the marketplace has been able to provide this type of return to their policyholders. We also continue to have some of the lowest rates in the country,” said Ray Pickup, WCF Insurance CEO and president.  “We continually strive to keep our rates low with safety and managed care programs. The results have paid off for us and our policyholders.”

More than 19,000 businesses in Utah will receive a portion of the $12 million policyholder dividend. 

About WCF Insurance- Salt Lake City-based WCF Insurance is Utah's premier workers' compensation insurance provider, promoting workplace safety to more than 19,000 Utah companies. WCF Insurance was established in 1917 and is owned by its policyholders and governed by a board of directors. WCF Insurance offers its customers a variety of services including safety and loss control, claims administration, medical case management, vocational rehabilitation, and fraud investigations. WCF Insurance is rated A (Excellent) by the A.M. Best Company.


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