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The earlier you contact WCF Insurance to report your loss, the earlier we can help. For a list of common questions and answers during the claims process, click here.

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To file a property claim, please call (800) 446-2667 or click here.


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The Property Claims Process


Once you file a claim, please make sure to keep your claim number for future use (discussion with your adjuster, submitting documents, correspondence, etc.). Your claim will then be assigned to a member of our claims team to help you through the process.  

Our goal is to contact you no later than one day after you file a claim. We'll verify the information you provided and get any additional information so we can properly handle your claim. Your adjuster will explain the claim process to you and answer any questions you may have.  

Your adjuster will review your policy and conduct a thorough investigation to determine the proper handling of and appropriate policy coverage application for your claim. The adjuster will work with you so they can complete the investigation and evaluation in a timely manner. Investigations can include site inspection via video or in person. The adjuster will evaluate the covered damages by writing an estimate, working from your repair person’s estimate, or both.

When the adjuster estimates the covered damages, they will issue an appropriate payment. We also stand ready to re-evaluate the original estimated damages if additional damages need consideration.

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