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Preferred Provider Network

Industrial Medical Clinics
Industrial medicine clinics are the preferred choice for treating industrial injuries. All industrial clinics take walk-ins during normal business hours. No appointment is necessary.

Industrial Medical Clinics

Workmed COVID-19 Guidance to Employers 

After Hours Care
If an injury occurs after normal business hours and is not life- or limb-threatening, the Intermountain Medical Group has several locations available to assist your injured employee. For a listing of the after hours clinics, please visit Intermountain Healthcare. These sites will provide you a list of convenient locations and office hours by city or zip code.

Hospital Network
If the injury is life- or limb-threatening, please use the closest hospital facility, even if out of the preferred network. If you are in an outlying area and a preferred industrial clinic or after hour clinics are unavailable, please use the clinic or facility most convenient to treat the industrial injury.

Hospital Network

Benefits of Using a Preferred Provider

Preferred providers are knowledgeable and focused on workplace accidents. Our PPN consists of any WorkMed clinic, Intermountain facility and University of Utah Medical Center.

PPN facilities have numerous advantages for injured employees and their employers.
- Modified-duty release to work is given whenever possible.
- Work environment and physical demands are considered.
- Employer policies regarding modified duty and post-accident drug testing are taken into account.
- Specialists have extensive knowledge of work-related conditions. They are familiar with regulatory requirements and workers' compensation rules and procedures.
Preferred providers lower costs for both employers and employees.
- A facility fee is not charged as with emergency room use.
- Facilities are easily accessible with numerous locations and walk-in service.
- PPN facilities agree to regulated rates and charges, which can result in saving 30 to 40%.

Preferred providers are quality driven.
- Injured employee, employer, and insurance expectations are considered.
- Functional and safe recovery are emphasized (return-to-work programs).
- Cases and referrals are managed.

Preferred providers are consistent
- Injured employees receive similar treatment and work status for similar problems.
- Treatment, policies, procedures and billing are similar among different clinics.

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