Frequently Asked Questions

What types of claims are covered under my business owners policy?

Business owners policies are designed to cover the following situations (specific coverage depends on your individual policy):

  •  Liability for bodily injury to customers or other third parties on your premises
  •  Medical payments for those injured on your premises
  •  Third-party property damage claims brought against you for claims arising out of your operations
  •  Advertising or personal injury

Once we receive your general liability claim, we will investigate the facts and determine whether coverage applies under terms of your policy.

What information do I need when I report a claim?

When reporting your claim, it's helpful if you have the following:

  •  Your policy number
  •  The date the loss occurred
  •  The address of the loss location
  •  A brief description of the loss
  •  The contact information for any other parties involved and witnesses.

What happens if someone files a claim or a lawsuit against me or my business?

If a third party files a claim or lawsuit against you or your business, let your adjuster know as soon as possible. They will evaluate your coverage and investigate/review the facts of the claim. If your coverage applies, they will hire attorneys to represent your interests. 

If someone files a claim or a lawsuit against me or my business, where should I send that documentation?

If you’re served with a lawsuit or claim from a third party, please immediately notify your claims adjuster as filed suits have response deadlines. Your adjuster can help you with next steps.