How much is Arizona workers’ compensation insurance?

Several factors contribute to the cost of workers’ compensation insurance in Arizona, including where the business is located, the size of the business, payroll, type of work, and claims history. Rates vary across businesses because workers’ compensation is calculated a little differently than most other insurance policies and is regulated by state. While there's not a universal workers' compensation rate, it’s important to learn the things that can affect your premium and what you can do to secure a more affordable rate. The best way to get an accurate estimate for your business is to get a quote.
In Arizona, you can get a quote through an agent to learn more about your options. Agents are our partners in helping ensure your business gets adequate workers’ compensation insurance coverage. They can help you secure competitive rates and make sure we work together to properly underwrite your policy.
In addition to providing an excellent insurance experience, WCF Insurance also offers policyholders several resources, including:
-    Being licensed in all 50 states and DC.
-    Employees with years of local experience.
-    In-house underwriting, claims, safety, and sales professionals here to help you with whatever you need.
-    A limited number of representative agents with the same committed service approach that we have.
-    A claims team that provides personal and curated service just for your business. 


How can WCF Insurance help you control the cost of your Arizona workers' compensation coverage?

Accidents at work have a significant impact on your workers' compensation rates and have many hidden costs. WCF has a safety and risk consultation group that can help you develop an effective safety and health program for your organization. Our safety and risk experts can help you:

• Implement and monitor an effective safety program
• Evaluate your existing safety program and make improvements
• Conduct safety surveys and train supervisors and employees to recognize and eliminate safety hazards
• Evaluate exposures to chemicals, noise, heat, or other hazards associated with industrial processes
• Assess ergonomic hazards associated with manufacturing, computer use, shipping and receiving, manual material handling, and other jobs with potential for repetitive-stress injuries.


What can your organization do to control the cost of your Arizona workers' compensation coverage?

WCF has found that implementing the following procedures will keep your company’s workers' compensation premiums as low as possible.
1. Obtain senior management’s commitment to a safe workplace
2. Organize an employee safety committee and build a culture that encourages safe behavior and collaboration
3. Develop an incentive program with monthly, quarterly, and annual goals
4. Require drug screens for all new hires, after every accident, and for all employees on a random basis
5. Develop a medical partnership with a physician or clinic that has an early return-to-work philosophy
6. Create a light duty program for injured employees and communicate the program in writing to employees and medical care partners
7. Investigate every accident to determine the cause. Make the appropriate corrections to avoid a similar accident in the future
8. Implement and enforce common sense safety rules relevant to your business
9. Communicate a caring attitude to your employees; safety is a win-win
10. Establish a mandatory seatbelt policy

A written safety program is a key to the success of your business and to a healthy bottom line. WCF provides resources to help you create your own industry specific safety program

WCF offers more than 100 workplace safety seminars per year, free of charge to policyholders. Seminars range from defensive driving to ergonomics and managing OSHA programs. WCF also offers OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety and OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Safety training for a nominal fee. To see a list of upcoming seminars or to register, click here.

In addition to our safety seminars, there are more than 100 safety topics available at Many topics are available in Spanish. You can use these for safety meetings and to help you create your own company specific safety programs.

Policyholders can sign up to receive current safety and policy information from WCF with our electronic newsletter. The publication provides monthly information on a specific workplace safety topic and general policy tips along with useful safety resources such as payroll stuffers and posters. If you would like to receive our monthly electronic newsletter, click here to register at the bottom of the page.

To ask questions about safety for your company, simply ask our safety consultants. After submitting a question, you will receive a response from one of WCF’s certified safety professionals who offer assistance in all areas of occupational safety and health. This free service is one of your benefits as a WCF Insurance policyholder.

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