Small Business Advisors

For policy and underwriting issues relating to your policies under $10,000, the Small Business Advisors team will address all your servicing needs for this segment of business. Your agency is assigned to a specific Small Business Advisor, but all team members are available to assist you. To reach this group call our main number at 385.351.8000. To send in underwriting service requests via email, send to or to your assigned Small Business Advisor.

Your Underwriting Contacts

The WCF Insurance Underwriting Department is divided into servicing units with a specific underwriter assigned to your agency. If you do not know the name of the underwriter on a specific account, call our main number and ask to be connected to the underwriter on the policy.

Middle Market

This unit handles policies with premium up to $250,000 including multi-state exposure. Gwen Church manages this unit. Contact Gwen at (385) 743-3020.

Risk Management

This unit handles large accounts with premium over $250,000, including retrospective rating plans, large deductible plans, alternative rating plans, and wrap ups. Patrick Harris is the manager of the unit and he can be contacted at (385) 351-8313.

Multistate (non-Utah) Underwriting Options

This unit works with agents outside of Utah and is managed by Gwen Church.

Agent Councils

Agent Advisory Council
Account Manager Advisory Council

Please contact Laura Stireman at (385) 351-8271 with any questions.