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Agent Procedures

The following information is intended for appointed agents. If you have questions about becoming an appointed agent with WCF Insurance, or questions regarding the information below, please contact Laura Stireman at 385.351.8271.

A Complete Submission
A complete submission is defined as a completed application with three to five years of loss runs dated and valued within the last three months of submission. We will accept submissions up to 90 days prior to the inception date. If submission is incomplete, it will be returned to the agent and no action will be taken pending receipt of complete submission. If a subsequent complete submission is received from another agent, that submission will be considered first in for the quote.

Timing of Quote
Once a completed submission is received, our goal is to provide a quote within 72 hours or two weeks prior to the established activation date. We strive to accommodate rush requests of less than 72 hours.

Broker of Record Letters
A valid broker of record (BOR) letter must contain the following elements:

  • On policyholder letterhead 
  • Signed by an officer or director of the company 
  • Currently dated 
  • Effective date of assignment of new agent 
  • Letter received and addressed to WCF Insurance – submit to your assigned underwriter
  • A complete submission must accompany the BOR
  • A complete account submission is defined as a completed application and three years currently valued hard copy loss runs

If a subsequent complete submission is received by WCF Insurance, the submitting agent is advised that a valid BOR letter must be submitted to be the agent of record on the submission.  
It is not the intent of WCF Insurance to turn over direct accounts. However, we do recognize the need to consider the insured’s designation of representation. 

Underwriting Operations
The WCF Insurance Underwriting Department is divided into three units with a specific underwriter assigned to your agency. If you do not know the name of the underwriter on a specific account, call the underwriting department at 385.351.8235 or 385.351.8020 and ask to be connected to the underwriter on the policy.

Middle Market – This unit handles policies with premium up to $150,000 including multi-state exposure. Gwen Church manages this unit. Contact Gwen at 385.743.3020.

E-Commerce – This unit is responsible for assisting agents with WCF Insurance Bind. The e-commerce team reports to Brenda Suta.

Risk Management – This unit handles large accounts with premium in excess of $150,000, including retrospective rating plans, large deductible plans, alternative rating plans, and wrap ups. Lee Wuchner is the manager of the unit and he can be contacted at 385.351.8313.

Multistate (non-Utah) Underwriting Options
This unit works with agents outside of Utah and is managed by Gwen Church at 385.743.3020, fax: 385.234.4387

Calls from Your Clients
We request that your clients be advised to contact the agent directly regarding any policy issues. While we will answer payment-related calls from policyholders, they will be referred to call their agent with all other policy questions. The agent can then contact WCF as appropriate.

Agent Councils
Agent Advisory Council
Account Manager Advisory Council

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